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We cannot express enough how much the scale is NOT an indicator of health~~~ it is simply a measure of how much you weigh. How and why the scale and a person's weight has become an obsession is unknown and completely ludicrous! If you took ten women or men that all weighed 150 lbs they would all look different, be in different stages of health and disease and it would be outrageous to even compare them. And yet there are charts and formulas that tell you your level of "health" based on your weight! The BMI is the most obvious to me only because it is the most stupid and it is unbelievable that our medical system has adapted it as a number that determines obesity and further assesses this level of obesity as your level of health.

Don't get me wrong, obesity is the number 1 cause of all other diseases combined, however how this needs to be addressed and treated the correct way and in reasonable terms. It's very simple and is right here at Dr. Dean Tindall has put together a complete program to guide you to health irrelevant of your weight. A healthy body will automatically achieve a healthy weight. His program is simple, inexpensive, and will guide you step by step towards a new you with a different lifestyle, a different approach, and new knowledge of your body and a healthy body and the simple steps to begin a journey to health and wellness. All journeys begin with a single step and that step to health is right here at

Dr. Dean Tindall has put his 30+ years of education and experience to work for you and walks this walk himself. He was once unhealthy and after a mind altering experience with his health he sought help from a doctor and was told " Change your life with the foods you eat. Health and weight loss come from proper nutrition". This simple statement changed his life and he would like to share it with you!

With the program at it is different than all the fads and gimmicks out there. Proper nutrition gives health which eliminates sickness and disease. This program teaches you to make lifestyle changes one day at a time and repeat them over and over to generate success and share it with those you love and care about!

Should you have any questions or specific health care concerns, doctors are available to help and answer your questions. We offer in-office diagnostics that include discounted blood analysis, hair analysis, DNA testing, and much more at fraction of the cost at hospitals and medical labs!

Dr. Tindall has truly made it his mission for everyone to be healthy and has made it simple, inexpensive and available to you with just a click. We all hope you will choose health that will last a lifetime!


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