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When I started the program at I did not understand the importance of exactly the what and why of Dr. Dean Tindall's program. I understood his passion and dedication and painstaking hours he spent developing and creating his recipes, but not the science behind it.

ALL I REALLY KNEW WAS THAT HIS PROGRAM WORKS!! Yet I didn't fundamentally understand why it is so different from the rest and why it works so easily and efficiently.

So I began my research and began to ask Dr. Tindall and he is more than a wealth of knowledge. He is an expert in nutrition and how the body works and his program uses balanced nutrition as fuel and complete nutrition to heal, repair, and restore. He has a gift of putting profound things so simply that I am fascinated and inspired by his passion and dedication.

Well it dawned on me that if I didn't completely understand his methodology, how could anyone else?

His program is different because he has nutritionally calculated every meal to create a healthy body. Each day he has put together complete meal plans of which you have choices, but the results are the same..a complete and whole nutritional program for each day so you will create health. He tediously creates recipes that he measures and researches and makes sure that they have good, balanced, and complete nutrition. THAT IS WHAT A NUTRITIONAL CALCULATOR IS..he puts foods together and calculates the nutrition of each meal. Put all the meals and snacks of the day together and you have all you need nutritionally for each day!

He then continues his program by making his meals delicious, inexpensive, and a delight for anyone's palate. You are in control of creating your meals and creating health and wellness for those you love.

I have found his recipes to be exciting and a joy to create and quite frankly I cannot wait to eat. The wonderful side effect of eating for nutrition and health is that weight and inches fall off in the right way! A healthy body will attain it's optimal weight, while energy surges, and quality and quantity of life returns.

To say that Dr. Tindall has given me my future back would be an understatement and that is a discussion for another time. All I will say now is that I look 20 years younger, feel better than I have in my whole life, and am down 4 sizes in 4 months. I don't pay attention to the scale because it lies anyway. Health and wellness is on the inside and not measured adequately by the scale.

Dr. Tindall has over 30 years experience and education in the field of holistic naturopathic medicine, nutrition, chiropractic, and much more...and the more he practices, studies, listens and learns it is the absolutely reality that the key to health is in the foods you eat and adequate nutrition. For specific problems he has targeted nutritional programs which focus on concentrated whole food supplements to give additional support to areas of the body that need it so they will begin to function properly.

I encourage you to begin your own journey to health the complete and easy way! I have been amazed at the results and wish you the same. Click today at and enjoy the benefits of a healthy life for you and those you love! This is not a fad, it is a wonderful and exciting lifestyle to be shared and cherished. Nowhere else is it so simple and complete while inexpensive and delicious.



For additional help and targeted nutritional programs for specific health concerns for you and your family you may call or click today! Contact us now! Our doctors are standing by to help you get started on your journey to health! We also have telehealth appointments available for your convenience!

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