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Our mission is to provide a program that will help you obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle while helping improve your overall well-being and quality of life. 

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We strive to not only help you lose weight, but to focus more on what we like to call “non-scale victories.” These non-scale victories help one prioritize all aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle without feeling you are defined by a number on the scale.

We encourage our clients to refrain from obsessing about the scale, but instead:

  • Focus that attention on preventing cardiovascular disease

  • Focus on preventing hypertension or lowering blood pressure if it’s already elevated

  • Focus on preventing diabetes or lowering one’s blood glucose or A1C levels if already  diagnosed

  • Focus on preventing high cholesterol levels or lowering those levels if already diagnosed with them elevated

  • Focus on measuring inches, as those may decrease without the number on the scale changing very much


Our vision is to help you live a healthy life! Our focus is not weight loss, it is guiding you to modify your lifestyle and make better choices regarding what is good for your body! Good health is an investment in your future — in fact, it is the only investment that truly matters! Without health nothing else works. We are here to teach you that your journey to health can be simple, inexpensive, fun, and a family affair! We will lead, educate, and guide you on your way to permanent weight loss because a healthy body will attain a healthy weight! No more stepping on scales, fads, or gimmicks! You now have doctors at your fingertips and the tools you need to live a healthy, vibrant life forever! We look forward to helping you because that is what we do! 

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