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Radio interview - May19, 2022 Interview starts at 52:30

You can now listen to “Not a diet, a lifestyle pt. 1” on Apple: | Amazon: and on other platforms soon.
After 89 episodes on local radio, Return to New Life with Karon Lacefield is diving into the #podcast realm with our friend Dr. Dean Tindall. We ask Dr. Tindall his "why" into the world of #naturopathy and the need for as well as a discussion on #diet versus lifestyle when it comes to our #health. We got Dr. Tindall's advice on #hydration along with Ms. Karon's take on it as well.

What is fat burning mode? Real food VS stupid food. Listening to our body. Breathing right makes all the difference. All of this and more on this episode of Return to New Life with Karon Lacefield and special guest Dr. Dean Tindall. 🎧 👇




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