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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not on this list, please feel free to contact us at:

What makes this weight loss program differentThis program is based on weight loss science.  No fads and no gimmicks. The biochemistry of weight loss is very complicated and ever changing. To try to sum it up easily, the goal is to stabilize blood sugar, reduce amount of insulin your body produces, and provide nutrients that your body needs to convert fat into energy. 

Why did you make this site? We did it at the request of our patients. We interviewed about 500 patients and asked them what they wanted in a weight loss or healthy eating program. Their answer, "Tell me what to eat, how to exercise and what to do. I am too busy to figure it out myself." So that's what we did!

Why are there only one meal and one snack option during the first month of the program? Simple answer... most people are completely out of control when it comes to eating. Many people lack the proper knowledge on what foods are good for them. Second reason, is to keep it simple so people can follow.

What is your goal with your program? To focus on healthy eating habits - with health comes weight loss and a healthier you. We help you to develop healthy eating habits. Plan your meals. Shop the plan. Eat the plan. We provide you with healthy recipes and resources for life long health.

After I finish the 12 week plan what do I do? Continue to use the site for resources to obtain your ultimate goal which should be a healthy lifestyle at a healthy weight. We will continue to add healthy recipes and exercise videos.  We will constantly update the site as new information comes out. 

I thought more exercise is key to weight loss? You can't exercise yourself out of bad eating habits! Proper eating makes up about 80% of weight loss and 20% is exercise. 


How did you come up with recipes? We found common recipes, ran them through a nutritional calculator and then modified the recipes to have the nutritional profiles to support healthy weight loss.

What are single ingredient foods? An example of simple ingredient foods are vegetables, fruits and meats. When you purchase them there is no ingredient list.  When you buy a bag of pre-package junk, you will see a long ingredient list. The longer the list and the tougher the ingredients are to pronounce- the more unhealthy it is for you. I tell patients, "If you need a PhD in Chemistry to understand ingredients, you probably shouldn't eat it!!"


How long have you been using this eating program?  About 15 years in office... We keep tweaking the program as more science about weight loss comes out.  At the request of our patients, we finally decided to publish it online.

If there are certain foods I don't like or am allergic to, do I have to eat them?  No, especially foods you may be allergic to. If there are foods or meals you do not like, switch them out for another meal that is on the recipe list. Switch a vegetable for a vegetable, a fruit for a fruit, and a protein for a protein.


Do I have to follow just one program? No you don't. It just makes it easier to keep track... However, we have clients that jump between programs. The key is eating only the meals and snacks that are published on site.

How do I know it will work? We have been using this program for about 15 years and when our clients/patients have followed our eating advice, 90% have seen success. There are underlying conditions or health issues that can effect weight loss, so we recommend those individuals to do our naturopathic work up to determine the cause. Visit

Will this be good for my whole family? YES! 

How does this differ from other diet plans? No fads and using real foods to get real long term results.  This is an eating program that you can do for life. We have it all worked out for you!

Can I adjust portion sizes? Yes, if you need to reduce amount you are eating.  We want you to avoid overeating.

How can I best keep leftovers? Freeze them.

Is this calorie-based? No! This is based on blood sugar control, thus controlling insulin release. Insulin in high amounts is a fat storage hormone.

Will the weight stay off if I stop the program? Yes, as long as you continue to eat healthy food and have a healthy lifestyle. If you revert back to an unhealthy lifestyle, you should expect to be unhealthy again.  This is why our clients continue to use our recipes after they have finished the 12 week program.  

Am I allowed to add my own seasonings? Yes, but try to limit salt and try to use the seasoning blends on the site to avoid sugar in commercially produced seasoning blends. If you are using pre-made spice blends read the label to see if sugar products have been added. 

Why no carbs? There are carbs in this program... Complex carbs. We avoid simple carbs because they raise blood sugar levels, which activates insulin release, which then results in putting your body into fat storage mode.

What's the best way to store my produce? Refrigerate or use vacuum sealing bags.

Do I have to eat a snack even if I'm not hungry? We want you to, even if you do a smaller portion.  We don't want you to get hungry, as it can result in over eating later in the day. Also, it may put your body into starvation mode which can slow your metabolism thus making it more difficult to lose weight.

How do I know if I should do the 2-3 program or 3-2 program?  It's your preference. Some people are very busy in the morning and find it hard to prepare a breakfast so the 2-3 program will work best with their lifestyle.

Does food prepping ahead of time cut down cook times? Yes, and we recommend it.

Can I repeat the program after the 12th week? Yes, many people do because they find it easier to stay on their weight loss journey. Our clients tell us it makes it easier for them to keep going on a plan than to try to constantly plan out meals.

What if I can't find an ingredient for a recipe? Substitute for the next best thing. If you don't have fresh vegetables, then frozen is next best choice.

Can this program be used long term? It is designed to be used for life. We don't want you healthy for couple weeks, months or years; we want you healthy for life!

Is this program okay for kids? Yes, it starts them out right. Teaches them to eat healthy so they can avoid future health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other dietary/lifestyle related disease.

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