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The Thyroid and Your Health

Turn on your metabolism with a healthy thyroid

Your thyroid is your “master metabolism gland," however, thyroid problems aren’t always a thyroid problem. It takes a physician with the proper knowledge and experience to help determine if you thyroid issue is primary or secondary.  

Why a Thyroid Problem may Not be a Thyroid Problem video


Thyroid hormones act on almost every kind of cell in your body to increase cellular activity or metabolism. If there is too little or too much thyroid hormone, the metabolism of your entire body is affected.


Since the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 control cellular metabolism throughout the body, when there is not enough of these hormones for any reason, this metabolic function is affected and becomes impaired.


Since the thyroid gland regulates metabolism, there is a strong correlation between thyroid disease and weight. Weight gain is more severe in people with hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) due to an excess of fat storage throughout the body and weight loss is common in people who have hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid).


Though it seems that thyroid hormones replacement could be an easy cure-all for weight control, the use of synthetic hormones can potentially cause loss of muscle mass, which would be detrimental to a person’s overall wellness.


Here’s How to Address a Low Thyroid

  • Determine and Treat the Underlying Causes Identify and treat the underlying causes of hypothyroidism, like food allergies, gluten, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, and stress. We have testing to rule out different problems.

  • Optimize Your Nutrition Support your thyroid with optimal nutrition, including foods that contain iodine, saturated fat, zinc, omega-3 fats, selenium, trace minerals and more. Use targeted whole food supplements to support health thyroid function.

  • Minimize Stress Eliminate adrenal exhaustion and minimize stress by engaging in a comprehensive stress management program.

  • Exercise Engage in thyroid-stimulating exercise, which boosts thyroid function.


The great news! You can reverse low thyroid and turn your thyroid into an energy manufacturing machine.


Recommended Thyroid Testing

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