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It is no surprise to hear people say "our healthcare system is failing"! What is a surprise is that people still call the American medical system a "health"care system. In reality it is a "sick"care system and is focused on controlling disease rather than preventing it!

Here at we realize that health is the presence of a properly functioning body...ALL OF IT! The human body is a complex organism composed of trillions and trillions of cells that all must work right and communicate properly in order for it to work properly! This is why we do what we do and have created this program just for you!

The only way to health is with adequate nutrition to feed the systems of your body! The body only works right when it has the proper fuel to function correctly. THIS IS THE TRUEST KIND OF HEALTH CARE...YOU CREATE IT YOURSELF FROM THE INSIDE OUT!! was created to do just your body with all it needs nutritionally so that you achieve health and optimum performance! The program was created by Dr. Dean Tindall after over 30 years of experience and education in natural healing. He has put together a complete and inexpensive program that offers delicious nutritionally calculated meals, shopping lists, activities, and educational materials to create health! The program is focused on making you healthy with good nutrition that allows your body to function as it should!

His philosophy is simple: A HEALTHY BODY = A HEALTHY WEIGHT FOREVER. Simple modifications to your current lifestyle will create astonishing changes that will last permanently!

He has doctors on staff for you if you need help! The program is about educating you so that you have all the tools you need for a healthier life for you and all of your family!


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