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One of the most common problems I see in practice on a daily basis is a condition known as "Low T". For those of you who don't's Low Testosterone! Having low testosterone causes severe and debilitating symptoms in men such as lack of libido, erectile dysfunction, lack of energy and stamina, and overall state of malaise and apathy! The appetites men normally have for sex, fun, and work diminish to the point of complete body dysfunction! It affects their self-esteem, relationships, and their entire life! When left to the traditional medical system there are a few answers--the problem is that they are the wrong answers and come far too late in the disease process! First, a medical doctor will take a blood test to determine the Testosterone levels, and this test is highly inaccurate. The references for what is normal are so low that even if a man shows with normal levels they are actually incredibly low in testosterone! So no treatment is indicated where there is a disease process. Second, the solution for the MD is a little blue pill, or other pill to synthetically produce Testosterone which succeeds only to shut your own body down and increase your rates for a myriad of diseases including testicular cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes just to name a few! The only way to solve the problem is in the cause of the problem!! Here at that is what we do! We have very simple, inexpensive , and accurate ways to naturally treat the cause. Low T so men can get back to a happy and healthy life they enjoy! When we eliminate the cause the cure is inevitable! HOW?? Our treatment is simple..we evaluate your symptoms, order the correct labs with the correct reference levels. This test is accurate and costs $70 in our office where at other medical facilities it is 10X that much and is wrong! We have herbal blends such as TONKAT ALI, targeted nutritional products for all the organs responsible for normal Testosterone, and a report that we will go over with you so you understand the problem so you are responsible for creating the cure!

Low T is actually associated with high insulin levels, so it is essential that all men achieve a healthy lifestyle which is why was created. Dr. Dean Tindall has taken his 30+ years of education and experience and put it all in one place! There are delicious nutritionally calculated meals, fun activities, shopping lists, and choices available for you to personalize the program! It is inexpensive, simple, and delicious.

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