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Updated: Apr 14, 2023

It was once said that when people fail they let fear be their master! FEAR defined as (False Expectations Appearing Real ) is an emotion, a reaction to an event and will get you nowhere!

Expectations are feelings and mental pictures of what you THINK might happen based on what has happened to you in the past. Expectations are not real, they are IMAGINARY! They are feeling based on something in the past.

These expectation cause fear and this fear stops most, sometimes to the point of being paralyzed emotionally and physically.. Fear at it extreme is panic or anxiety.

The only way to eliminate fear is to face it and create a plan to shift your mind from expectation to tangible goal setting behavior! SETTING UP A PLAN OF ACTION AND DISCIPLINE YOURSELF TO DO IT REGARDLESS OF HOW YOU FEEL! Goals have a specific target and a plan to get there. A series of events that are planned so you reach a certain place. In theory, goals need to be reset and reanalyzed periodically and methodically so you actually accomplish something.

Here at we realize that this is difficult and the higher your expectations are and the more attachment you have to the past the more fear you may have the point you have given in, are just exhausted with the struggle!! You believe with all your heart that you can't, that it is impossible, that failure is inevitable, and you hate the fear that comes with it so not only do you quit, you don't even try!

DON'T LET FEAR CAUSE YOUR FAILURE! Only goal setting and an action plan get results and we are here to help you set goals " your eye on the prize" and get there!

THE ONLY BATTLES IN LIFE ARE THE ONES YOU DON'T ATTEMPT! If you look at your life and events in it as failures and not learning experiences you will be unable to change your actions and create new and different results. No more false expectations! Success and gratification can and will be yours here at We are equipped with everything you need to stop anticipating failure, eliminating your fear, and start achieving your goals, receiving what you want receiving what you deserve! The key to this paradigm shift from expectation and being afraid to achievement is in the setting of goals and preparation. Concrete things you set for yourself and specific actions you do to reach these places in your life.

We have designed a state-of-the-art, all-in-one, complete program for weight loss that creates success by mapping out everything you need to have permanent weight loss by simply creating a healthy you!

A healthy body will reach a healthy weight and stay there. There are recipes, activities, shopping lists, and doctors and resources to guide you along the way!

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