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I am of a generation in which the emergence of the "health food store" equated to high priced , grass and dirt equivalent food of which I had no idea what most of it was. The thought of buying it, let alone eating it was ludicrous. Obviously, times have changed and there are Health Food Isles, stores of all ethnicities, advertisements, restaurants, information, etc...that is infinite and just one click away. The problem is that people still seem to equate the term "health food " of old to the "healthy food" presented on our website

When I did my research and walked the health food isles of the grocery store, I still find the prices ridiculously high, but now these products come conveniently wrapped in plastic, carbonated, and artificially colored and sweetened with "natural" ingredients. Well, no matter what you call it, sugar is still sugar, additives are still additives, and plastic..well, you know the rest. Product makers have disguised there "health food" junk with pretty packages and fancy labels and people seem to fall for it because this market has absolutely exploded in the past decade.

So what is the difference between healthy food and health food?...

Quite food is found in nature and supplies vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help the body,repair, recover, rejuvenate, and THRIVE. There is nothing questionable or unable to pronounce in nature.

Health food is mainly created by man and marketed as good for your health!

Is there some overlap! Yes..and that overlap lies in the fresh produce section of your local store, farmer's market, etc. Mainly this group is grown and sold by farmers...the backbone of our society.

There is no benefit from paying for overpriced, keenly marketed health food when you have at your fingertips an easy, simple, and inexpensive alternative...

Buy fresh and put it together yourself...create wonderful, easy, inexpensive meals at home...

Dr. Dean Tindall understands the confusion and has created his program as a gift to everyone. He has placed shopping lists, recipes, meal plans, and much more to inspire and educate you to create health. To supply you and those you love with adequate nutrition to create vitality, longevity, health, wellness and rid yourselves of sickness and disease..

It is far cheaper and easier to prevent disease than to pay for sickness. Just the quality of life should be enough and yet people are still suffering in confusion and illness.

Please let Dr. Tindall help you. He has over 30 years of education and experience in the science of nutrition and Holistic health care and put it all right here at your fingertips.His reputation is built on

results !!

Call or click today!


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