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OUR MISSION--100% SUCCESS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! We are fads, lies, gimmicks here

Generally, the truth is a good place to begin. In the last week or so Dr. Tindall and I have encountered what seems like a lot of "haters" and our diagnosis was that there is a GROSS MISUNDERSTANDING of what we do and more importantly how we are different than other "weight loss programs".

Quite simply, our page, site , program was designed as a Gift to you from Dr. Dean Tindall. Our goal is to help you have all the resources you need to lead a healthy life for the rest of your life. He has taken all the education and experience he has gained over 30+ years of practice in chiropractic , nutrition, and naturopathy and put these tools together for your benefit. This is a program that provides you with all the resources and information that you need to achieve your goals and be healthy. There are recipes, exercises, stretches, grocery lists, educational materials, and many different guides and plans for you to learn and make your own choices for your own health.

Weight loss is a by-product of this program. When you learn the right things we believe you will make better choices and over time this leads to not just weight loss, but to improved vitality, attitude, and ultimately, to better health. We believe you should choose to be the best you can be so you can live your best life and have your very best health for the rest of your life.

He and I have combined 60+ years of clinical practice plus our combined 20+ years in the post-graduate study of nutrition, naturopathy, exercise physiology, physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, orthopedics, acupuncture, energy medicine, and countless others and put them in one place for you to have a simply guide for you and your families health.

It is so simple it may be unbelievable and frightening to some OR perhaps you, too, are a victim of some weight loss scam promising quick results , OR you have been purchasing gummies, pills, or prepackaged meals that do nothing but drain your wallets. Please remember, FAT LOSS IS NOT WEIGHT LOSS AND VICE VERSA. Get off the scale , eat better, feel better, move more ...

and LOVE IT!

What's also great is that this is a program for the ENTIRE FAMILY!! You do not need one of everything for is STUPID TO THINK ONE PERSON IN A FAMILY SHOULD OR CAN MAKE CHANGES WHILE EVERYONE ELSE STAYS THE SAME. Weight loss is the byproduct of health and not the other way around. OUR MISSION IS FOR YOU TO HAVE ALL THE TOOLS AND INFORMATION FOR HEALTH AND WELLBEING OF EVERYONE YOUR LOVE IN

ONE PLACE . Do the program and learn at home, from the grocery and with your family. Teach your children and others how to live their best life with a healthy future.

And please, if you think we are a scam...politely disengage and quit making excuses for your failures. Dr. Tindall and I cannot help but notice that over the last 30 years, people's health has deteriorated severely yet they seem to complaining about exactly the same things with the exception of one: OBESITY! Now, more people are more stressed about their weight yet don't know where to start when it comes to changing and fixing this problem. They are tired of the yo-yo and have resigned to a life of misery and chronic illness. American's are fatter than ever , mortality is going down, morbidity is going up, the economy is in the tank, dollars are stretched to the limit, prescriptions cost a fortune. It all boils down to one thing very basic:


If you need any additional help or have questions, we are only a call or click away! If you have specific or severe health problems that may need special attention or a "boost" we are available in office or tele-health for your convenience. We have metabolic, nutritional, nutritional, allergy, food sensitivity, urine, saliva, DNA, hormone testing and many, many more diagnostic tests if necessary so we can SHOW YOU and TEACH YOU what is wrong and how you will fix it.


BOTTOM LINE...YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR HANDS and we are here to help!

****If you have questions or need us or even feel you might need help Dr. Tindall and I are here and readily available to do all we can for you. In fact we are excited and look forward to it!

How many other programs offer you a doctor's help with a call or a click? NONE I have seen.

We also would appreciate your feedback and suggestions. As a collective the entire process becomes easier and more exciting. Ideas fuel our evolution and growth and they help everyone.

To Your Best Health, Dr. Julie A Stuber

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