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It's back to school time for everyone and suddenly everyone's focus is on children! What I cannot and will not ever understand is WHY IS IT NOT OUR FOCUS ALL THE TIME? Children are our most prized and cherished gift and yet we consistently and persistently create a sub-optimal state of health and chronic disease with our actions and attitudes towards health, wellness, illness and disease. Dr. Tindall and I talk to patients on a daily basis that are in various stages of disease and when asked "What about your children, grandchildren, and others you love?" , the reply is "I don't know!?!?" Reality is that the answer is "I don't care!" because if they did we'd like to think they would do something about it.

The logic defies itself and yet we have watched 10's of thousands of patients suffer and allow their children to suffer and to grow into adults ill informed, unhealthy, and uneducated only to develop symptoms and diseases because of the habits and lifestyle they learned and lived as youngsters. WHY WOULD PARENTS GIVE LIFE ONLY TO CHOOSE TO DESTROY THIS LIFE? Our only answer has to be that, tragically, they just don't think about the obvious, or they are uneducated themselves, or they just don't care what happens to their children.


He has spent 30+ years researching, developing, studying and practicing health and wellness holistically and wants to share it with you. It's easy, inexpensive, and all in one place. Create health, NATURALLY!

Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, immune dysfunction or lack of ALL have roots in childhood lifestyles. UNHEALTHY CHILDREN MAKE UNHEALTHY ADULTS AND OBESITY IS THE NUMBER ONE DIRECT CAUSE of all other diseases. Too much fat in and around your body parts creates unnecessary stress on your heart and other organs by restricting circulation and putting direct pressure on all of it.

HERE AT we have put together a program to help you educate and provide for your family and children in a positive and healthy way!We certainly hope the first will be your children. CHILDREN MUST BE A PRIORITY AND NOT AN AFTERTHOUGHT! Make no mistake, get yourself in action and move your children to wellness and health as quickly as you can. Our world becomes more toxic and dangerous every day and the viruses and diseases plaguing society are getting worse by the hour. The only way to stop this is to create health for you and your family!

The great news is that CHILDREN RESPOND MORE QUICKLY THAN ADULTS to a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition allows a child's body to heal and grow properly IMMEDIATELY and to a much greater extent than your own. Children have less time with the destruction of their bodies so it is only logical they repair more quickly!

Our program is easy, inexpensive, and educational and will help your children create health and wellness for a lifetime. LET HEALTH BE THE LEGACY YOU LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN!!!

We have put everything in one place and YOU are the gatekeeper! If you think "My children won't eat it!"

you are lying to yourself and making a lame excuse. The same person that would lay their life down for their child cannot possibly be so ignorant that they believe they cannot create and teach their children easy, delicious, and inexpensive meals for home, school, and anywhere and everywhere else. If you are one of these people, well rest assured that we are here and want to help. All you have to do is take the first step on your own, your children's ,and your family's journey to health.

Here at Dr Tindall and I are excited to guide you on your health journey and look forward to sharing our 60+ years of experience and education in health, wellness, holistic healing and naturopathic therapies. Our doctor's are available to help with your questions, concerns, problems, and anything else you may need.

STOP THE MADNESS! START TODAY! All it takes is a call or a click right now!


YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR ONLY FUTURE! Your children and family are relying on you !

Call or click today! Telehealth appointments available for your convenience 7 days a week.

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