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I certainly am. I also am tired of seeing fat people in bathing suits or underwear become thinner with some magic pill, lotion, ear ormament, or anything else for that matter. Especially when statistics show that less than 2% of people will keep the weight off at the one year mark from the loss. Also, they may lose temporary weight, but is not all fat and AT WHAT COST TO THEIR HEALTH? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE "KETO" HEART ATTACK! It seems people have substituted sweets and white flour with cheese, butter, and eggs yet without a healthy liver and gut your might as well call " Roto Rooter" now to reserve your appointment for declogging your arteries. Or you might enjoy the stoke that ensues, whatever works for you. Without a proper life style and healthy delicious eating your body will ALWAYS be ill or fat or disease ridden and you will ALWAYS be struggling.

I have been a doctor for 30+ years and just cannot understand why people are so stupid they jump on every latest fad to loose weight. If any of them worked we would not be fatter than ever and still buying some junk from a celebrity-backed garbage that doesn't work.

Please understand that WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT NECESSARILY FAT LOSS and the GOAL SHOULD BE TO BE HEALTHY...nothing else. I am an educator and am here to do just that. If you don't like it...well that is just tough. REALITY is a tough most of the time. This program works, all of the time and is for you and your family for life. I and Dr. Dean Tindall, creator of this gift to you are here to help you get your future back. Please remember your health is your ONLY FUTURE! Get Real People...right now.

Dr. Julie A Stuber

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