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Targeted nutrition is a science, art, and method of diagnosis and treatment of various stages of health and disease that uses the findings from examination and diagnostic testing to develop a treatment plan that includes specific nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support specific areas of concern for the patient by a doctor. The answers to all health problems lies in the nutrition your body has or lacks and by prescribing the right nutritional supplements in the right dosages the body will heal and symptoms will disappear!

By using focused, concentrated nutrition the body will begin to restore and repair disease processes that have been present for years and even decades. This is no easy process and is FAR DIFFERENT than simply deciding you need some supplement off of Amazon based on what someone told you or how you feel and what you read on the internet.

Your body must be analyzed and by evaluating the results, our doctors will discover what you body is lacking or has too much of, what the ratios of chemicals in your body are, your toxicity levels, and your basic fundamental level of health on a nutritional level. There are far too many vitamins, minerals, fats, etc. that are needed in the proper amounts in order to restore and have health for your to do it without help! The only way to know for sure is to have a doctor test you and give you the proper recommendations based on the results of the tests and his or her years of education and experience. Let the doctor decide and educate, motivate, and inspire you to do what is correct for your health.

It has been said that "only a fool tries to diagnose and treat themselves" . Obviously if you knew what to do, we certainly hope you would do it and absolutely would have done it years ago before you developed the problems you have now.. In Chinese Medicine the proverb is simple " YOU CANNOT SOLVE A PROBLEM IN THE SAME ENERGY THAT CREATED IT!"

Please let us help get you on your journey to health. We have the diagnostic testing, genetic analysis , and our doctors have over 65 years of education and experience treating and helping others repair, regain health, and live a vibrant and wonderful life! Be the very best you can be!

Dr. Dean Tindall has developed as a complete guide to what you can do at home to provide basic nutritional support for you and the ones you love to gain and sustain health the easy and inexpensive way! His plan is all right here and provides delicious meals that are inexpensive, nutritionally calculated, and a fun whole family experience that you can build memories from. Teach your family, your children, and all those you love to achieve health at home and stay healthy forever!



We offer in office diagnostics at a fraction of the cost of other medical institutions and our doctors will explain in great detail what the tests mean and what to do to correct any imbalances! We also offer telehealth appointments for your convenience!

Our doctors serve as an adjunct to the complete home plan at Specific, target nutrition will be ordered and prescribed for you for any health problem you have. Our supplements are organic, whole food and of the highest quality and potency. They are products developed by doctors and prescribed by doctors! We offer vegan and gluten-free options when necessary.

Let us help you start your journey today! Call or click today!

We look forward to serving you and those you love!

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