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Dr. Dean Tindall, D.C., N.D., D.A.B.C.O.


Mariam Abbas, B.S.

Welcome to New Life Weight Loss! Thank you for visiting our site.

So what makes our program unique? First, we know that you are stressed out, over extended and that convenient foods are easier and less time consuming.  The problem is, now days convenience kills. Major driver in people's health issues is caused by the foods we eat. Most hormonals problems that women deal with on a daily basis is created by  sugar handling problems.  Same with men. We get it that the sugary coffee drinks, the cakes, and sweets are wonderful and treats are pleasurable. They make you emotionally feel good, but it's those same pleasures that are creating the fatigue, tiredness, and weight issues. You are trapped in a cycle of pleasure and pain.  Most people don't know how to break that cycle. 


Our goal is to help our members break that cycle and develop lifelong healthy eating habits using foods that taste good and are easy to make. Our members not only take weight off, but keep it off by having access to healthy recipes, and a program that teaches them healthy eating habits.

Our recipes are unique because we analyze them with a nutritional calculator and adjust ingredients so that your body has a balance of nutrients it needs to start and keep your body in fat burning mode. You may find similar looking recipes but you will not find our exact recipes anywhere out on the web. We used Dr. Tindall’s background in naturopathic medicine, and Mariam’s background in biology and genetics to develop our program.

Dr. Tindall has been doing natural healthcare for over 30 years. His goal is to direct his patients to understand that a healthy body comes from a healthy lifestyle, and healthy habits. If they embrace a few simple concepts, then they can change their life for the better!

  • If you want to change your health, you have to change your past routines.

  • Change is seldom comfortable, even positive changes.

  • 80% of weight loss is from dietary changes.

  • If you return to old eating habits, you will return to your unhealthy life.

  • You can’t exercise yourself out of a bad lifestyle.

  • Fad diets don’t work long term! Why? Because most fad diets are not sustainable long term. So as soon as you go back to old eating habits, you gain all the weight back, plus some!

  • Exercise puts your body in fat burning mode; a healthy diet keeps you there. As soon as you eat any simple carbohydrate, it activates a release of insulin, and your body is put into fat storage mode. We aim to prevent fat storing mode from ever happening. 

  • Healthy body, healthy life, and a healthy weight is mainly about providing the body with nutrient dense foods, managing blood sugar balance, and insulin release.  The more simple carbs you consume, the more insulin you produce, and the more weight you gain.

  • Look at what you eat and ask- “Is this creating health in me, or sickness?”

  • Start asking yourself –“Is this piece of dessert worth future diabetes, heart disease, obesity, older looking skin, or losing body parts?”


We understand that making lifestyle and dietary change is going to be one of the hardest things you do. That's why we have developed this program... To help you first get your eating under control, and then transition into teaching and developing lifelong healthy eating habits.

If you do, you will add years to your life and life to your years! If you want a new healthier you, this program is for you!


Healthy Food, Healthy Body, Healthy Weight!


Are you ready to get started?

Dr. Dean Tindall, DC,ND, DABCO & Mariam Abbas, BS

Don't know how? Don't know what to eat?

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No Fad Diets!

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No Starving Yourself!

No Spending Hours at the Gym!

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4 Programs 4 You

  • 3-2 Program - 3 Meals and 2 Snacks per day

  • 2-3 Program - 2 Meals and 3 Snacks per day

  • Vegetarian Program - 3 Meals and 2 Snacks per day

  • Vegan Program - 3 Meals and 2 Snacks per day

Each Program has daily goals and exercise videos.

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Tom S.

Just an update, for me the scale says 23 pounds in one month....Wanted to give you some kudos for the program.

Sandra Henderson

My husband lost 33 pounds at 8 weeks...I've lost 17 lbs myslef. The recipes are delicious!

Linda S.

Down 17 lbs. in 5 weeks!

Chuck Spivey

I have lost 66 lbs. It's amazing